“I’m Really Switched On…”: Anne Hathaway Reveals That Gen Z Inspires Her To Make Bold Fashion Statements!

Hollywood Star, Anne Hathaway stated that Gen Z fashion inspires her because it gives her confidence to take style risks. In an interview, the fashion queen stated that the newer generation’s fashion taste has piqued her interest. Continue reading!

Anne Hathaway has been looking for style inspiration, and Gen Zs have risen to the occasion. A quick glance at the actress’ Instagram will reveal that she has been a fashion icon her entire life.

Hathaway has done it all, from trying on unconventional outfits to adding a touch of elegance to the most outlandish styles. So it’s excellent news for Generation Z that the Devil Wears Prada actor has been looking at them for fashion inspiration.

Anne Hathaway Had Been Switched On By Gen Z Fashion.

The Oscar winner has said that Gen Z has pushed her to take more risks with her style choices. The term “Gen Z” refers to the generation of people born between the late 1990s and the early 2000s.

Anne admitted to adopting style cues from Gen Z in an interview with Vogue published on 29 August, the same day she was named ambassador for Shiseido’s Vital Protection Line.

“The Gen Z generation is a fun generation when it comes to fashion, she admitted, saying that “even though I know this sounds like I’m super-pandering.” “They really hit it right where they have a great time with it,” she said, “but they define themselves on their own terms.”

“I’m really switched on by Gen Z,” the Princess Diaries star said of the younger generation’s fashion sensibilities. Their relationship with fashion, the way it’s accepted, is a really, really exciting dance.” When asked about this generation’s aesthetically pleasant fascination with colours, the 40-year-old responded, “The concept of dopamine dressing is so much fun! Also, I think designers are having a good time right now. “It appears that a lot of people are enjoying it.”

Anne Hathaway, a Hollywood actress, also credits her stylist Erin Walsh as an inspiration. “She inspires me,” Anne’s stylist stated. Her sense of style has really rubbed off on me, and whatever she wears, she always wears it in the most easy way possible.” Despite this, Anne’s fashion awakening took several years. Meanwhile, Erin has previously hailed Anne as “beautiful on the inside and out.”

Erin also believes that Anne’s fashion progression can serve as an inspiration to other women. “People are looking for more in the people they look up to,” she reflected.

Anne Hathaway’s Struggle With Fashion In Earlier Times.

The 40-year-old expressed how lost she was with her fashion sense because she didn’t realise she could experiment with numerous trends and instead had to adhere to one.

“My style is fluid, and that’s why I enjoy being an actor,” she said. And once I realised it, it was as if something clicked. But that’s just my opinion. It’s distinct. ” Others say, “Nah, black turtlenecks every day.”

Hathaway revealed her great preference for “loyalty and longevity,” stating that some of her staff members in charge of creating her fun and immaculate looks had worked with her for “decades.” Meanwhile, the actress admitted that, due to her hectic schedule, she prefers a more casual style in her daily life.

Anne Hathaway’s Work Front.

Anne Hathaway will be seen next in Peter Dinklage’s upcoming film She Came to Me, alongside Marisa Tomei, Joanna Kulig, Brian d’Arcy James, Harlow Jane, and Evan Ellison.