Imran Khan Reveals About His Struggle With Mental Health, Says, ‘I Felt Damaged On The Inside’ Read Here!

Imran Khan recently talked candidly about his struggles with self-harm and mental health. He has discussed returning to the Bollywood film industry. Imran Khan is one of Bollywood’s most popular actors. He has appeared in multiple films, including Delhi Belly and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, and is the nephew of Aamir Khan. The enduring love that his admirers have for him has not diminished even though he has been out of the spotlight for a while. In the film Katti Batti, the actor was last seen.

Imran Khan revealed his dedication to therapy and placed a strong emphasis on mental health. Following the release of his final film, Katti Batti, in 2015, Imran expressed his desire to leave B-town.

When Imran Khan was mentally ill

Imran Khan explained why he left Bollywood following the premiere of his most recent movie in a recent interview with Vogue India. Many people believed that Imran’s frequent box office failures were the reason he departed the profession. But the actor then disclosed that he had to step away from the spotlight because he was going through a trying moment emotionally at the time. Speaking on the same, he stated: “I simply couldn’t be bothered to invest the time, energy and effort required to stay in this profession.”

Imran stated in the same interview that he preferred to be by himself and that he was unable to interact with others. He also stressed the significance of going to treatment if one is feeling depressed. He stated: “I felt damaged on the inside, and I wanted to fix that. If you pull a hamstring, you go to the physiotherapist. You don’t feel good mentally? Seek therapy.”

During the interview, he also stated that he needed to see his therapist four times a week to enhance his mental health. Imran expressed his opinions about the same thing. “If you speak to someone who has given up an addiction or gone off alcohol, they could tell you the exact number of days they’ve been sober. It’s the same for me with my mental health. It’s been 2,500 days since I started my analysis on March 13, 2017.”

Imran Khan on making a comeback in Bollywood

Imran Khan has been out of the limelight since 2015. He last appeared in the film Katti Batti, starring Nikkhil Advani. While many are excitedly awaiting his return, Imran Khan is determined to shatter the myth. He’s been reviewing screenplays for a number of future films. 

According to Imran, he had played young men on multiple occasions in his early career. However, he now wishes to portray real-life people. Instead of playing stereotypically masculine roles in films, Imran Khan would like to play a different kind of role. As soon as he discovers the right screenplay, he is prepared to return to B-town.

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