In Latest IG Post Sara Ali Khan Takes A Dig At Janhvi Kapoor, Netizen Asks “Aren’t They Still BFFs?”

Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor are often referred to as BFFs in Bollywood. However, it appears that all is not well between the two, as Sara recently made a sly dig at Janhvi.

Sara Ali Khan asks people to read more books

Sara Ali Khan posted a picture of some books on her Instagram Stories on August 28, 2023, including The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, Shiva Sutras, India Since Independence, and The Forty Rules Of Love. The Gaslight actress affixed a sticker to the image that read: “Read more books.”

Netizens think Sara Ali Khan took a dig at Janhvi Kapoor with her post

The presence of one book, Auschwitz – A History, however, drew a lot of attention. A netizen who shared a screenshot of Sara’s story on Reddit pointed out that Sara took a subtle dig at Janhvi Kapoor with her IG post. Sara’s IG Story was shared on the discussion portal with the caption: “Was this a sly dig at Janhvi.”

If Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor are still best friends, some online users speculate

Soon after the Reddit post was shared, a user commented, “That would be too obvious not only to J but to everyone as well. It’ll ruin the PR image they built of being close friends who don’t compete”. Meanwhile, another user wrote, “Maybe something happened within their close circles. Janhvi may have made a mean remark on Sara and it got back to her and she is retaliating?” Yet another comment can be read as “Aren’t they BFFs who went skinny dipping in a fountain at Kedarnath?”

Janhvi Kapoor’s Bawaal controversy

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor was last seen in Bawaal, which was criticised for being ‘insensitive’ and ‘tone-deaf’ in its references to Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust. Furthermore, Janhvi received a lot of backlash for one of her character’s dialogues in the film, as she stated, “Every relationship has its Auschwitz”. 

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