Independence Day: Deepika Chikhalia Mistakenly Taggs Pakistan PMO, Users Make Fun Of Her!

Independence Day is celebrated across the country on Monday. On this special day, celebrities of the entertainment industry also prayed to their fans in their own way. Deepika Chikhlia, who plays Mata Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s series Ramayana, posted a Tiranga photo of herself on social media to wish her fans. But in the process, she made such a mistake and slapped herself on the cheek. Actually, Deepika tagged Pak PMO as a congratulatory message. You can also see the post.

After seeing Deepika’s post, social media users angrily ridiculed her. One user wrote: “Oh my God, where are you? you need to get an avatar now.” Another netizen wrote,” Why did you tag those demon servants?” One user made fun of Deepika by sharing a photo of Laxman (Sunil Lahiri) Ramayana and creating the meme “Baate chhoriye bhaiya, Shastra uthaiye” .

One user wrote: “Mom, can’t you celebrate Independence Day without the Pakistani greeting? After all, what happened to people in the film world? Yeh kaun sa Pakistan love jag raha hai aapka? Do you want to boycott yourself in old age? You answer my question logically. If you are truly an artist.

One netizen wrote, ” what happened to Sitaji,why she is wishing Ravana.” Another netizen wrote, “Sister, this is just an artist and it is absolutely wrong to associate an artist with God.”One user wrote: “Why did you tag Sita Mata Ravan?” Another user posted the question “jarur koi baat h”. Apart from Ramayana, Deepika Chikhalia has also starred in films such as Bhagwan Dada, Gar Ka Chirag, Rs Ten Crore, Khudai, Ghalib and Bala.


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