India-Poland Relations And Why You Should Visit There

The Republic of Poland is a country in Central Europe which shares a well-established relationship with India. India and Poland got into diplomatic relations in 1954, which remains amicable today. From engaging political exposure to increased trade relations, cultural ties, democratic ideals and much more, the two nations have collaborated on several fronts. 

In 1957, India opened its embassy in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Poland is one of the great destinations in the European region to travel and experience the cultural heritage of the local people. Apart from the rich culture, you can access its picturesque natural beauty featuring beaches, forests, mountains and more. It is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The country welcomes Indian tourists to explore all this and a lot more. Here are some top reasons to consider travelling to Poland this holiday season.

Poland’s Best Natural Destinations

Poland has some of the best natural destinations in the world worth exploring. If you love hiking, you can try the peaceful terrain of the Bieszczady Mountains. These mountain ranges go from the extreme south-east of Poland and continue through western Ukraine till northeast of Slovakia. 

It also houses Bieszczady National Park, which recently became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can walk through the thick forests and might catch a glimpse of some rare animals here. 

Apart from Bieszczady Mountains, you can also explore Bialowieza National Park, Tatra National Park, Slowinski National Park, and more. Most of these places are tagged UNESCO World Heritage sites for their remarkable natural heritage and significance. 

Breath-taking Beaches of Poland

Well, if you are not a mountain person, Poland offers you the abundance of the sea to enjoy. It is home to some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Some of these beaches offer solace and peace. These are best for early morning walks and runs. You can even chill and watch the sunsets in the evening.

Furthermore, many beaches are lined up with exclusive restaurants and bars. Visitors get to enjoy traditional Poland delicacies, seafood, drinks, and cool music here. You can access the internet here and enjoy online gambling while relaxing on the beach with your drink. There are lists of online casinos in Poland where you can legally gamble. 

You can even indulge in some water activities like swimming, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite surfing etc. It’s absolutely safe and exciting to experience these activities here.

Some of the top beaches of Poland are Debki beach, Jurata beach, Krynica Morska beach, Swinoujscie beach and Gdynia beach. 

Rich Heritage of Poland

Poland features the vitality of its historical and colourful architecture. You can start by visiting the Centre of Krakow, Poland’s former capital city. Old Town in Warsaw and Old City of Zamosc feature architectural brilliance with their colourful buildings.

Speaking of historical heritage, the castles and palaces of Poland are also worth visiting. And there are several options for visitors to choose from. Some of the top on our list include Wawel Castle, the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, Wilanow Palace, Branicki Palace, Palace on the Isle, The Royal Castle in Warsaw and more. 


All in all, Poland offers a perfect blend of modern, historical and natural tourism. The best time to visit this beautiful nation would be during its Summers in July and August. So, plan your trip accordingly to make the best of your leisure time here!

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