Is Rakhi Sawant Pregnant With Adil Durrani’s Child? Actress Hints At Becoming A Single Mother; Read Here!

Bigg Boss fame Rakhi Sawant has once again created a storm on social media after revealing about her marriage with beau Adil Khan Durrani. Recently, Sawant shocked everyone as she shared the documents of her wedding i.e. nikahnama and court marriage papers publicly. Besides this, she also disclosed that the duo tied the knot with Durrani 7 months back. She also changed her name to Fatima for Adil. But the surprising thing is that Adil is yet to accept these claims by Rakhi.

In such a case, there are many questions revolving in the minds of audience. While some are asking whether Rakhi is really married, some others are questioning Adil’s loyalty towards her. Amidst all these speculations, Rakhi Sawant interacted with a leading daily and made many revelations.

Rakhi on pregnancy

While talking to the portal, Rakhi spoke about family planning and shared her opinion on single parents. Some of her words have ignited pregnancy rumors. The Main Hoon Na actress said, ‘I am very happy that I got married with Adil. I do not know what is the reason for his refusal. I have been telling him for the last seven months that we should tell everyone about our marriage. Because I’m a celebrity. My life is not hidden from anyone. It is possible that pregnancy can happen or anything can happen.’

When questioned further about expecting a child with Adil, Rakhi said, ‘I don’t want to tell this at the moment. For the time being, what I have disclosed regarding marriage has become very important. Had this thing not come in front of everyone, there would have been a lot of trouble. I am very scared. My health is also being affected badly. Even if I become a single mother, I will love Adil till death’.

Rakhi says Salman will pull Adil’s ears

Rakhi also divulged on taking help from Salman Khan. She stated, ‘Salman is very busy at the moment. He also helped me a lot in Marathi Bigg Boss. I am sure that when Salman Khan comes to know about all this, he will surely scold Adil.’