Is The Colour Of Your Hands Turning Yellowish? Want To Know How Hand Colour Decide Health And Fate?

Yes, the colour of the palm says a lot about our health and fate. So observe it carefully.


People with red palm are generally hospitable. It also suggests that you are serious and responsible and often do things hands-on; it doesn’t mean you don’t believe in others but you want to do things better. Therefore, you are always tired but you will get the final success as long as you work hard

If you have pink colour you will have good luck in the whole life and often yield twice the result with half the effort. People in physical and psychological health always have pink palms.


There is something to worry about if you have blue hands. In palmistry, the blue palm always suggests the fear. You people with blue palm always have a special character: you are indifferent, introvert and timid, thus dare not to do something independently; you are very dependent and always need to be cared by others. Generally, this kind of palm is found in in females.


It suggests the labour work and you people with yellowish palm are difficult to live an upper-middle-class good life and should not gamble. If the palm is in golden yellow, it is a sign of liver disease while the hardened and light yellow palm losing its elasticity is a sign of palm and toe keratosis.

Dim Color
If the palm is dim, lusterless and dry, it suggests that you will have a disaster in terms of wealth, so you should avoid the risky career, such as investment industry; otherwise, you may suffer great loss. On the contrary, if the palm turns brighter, it suggests you will be in good luck.


The shiny and white palm is good and it suggests the good luck and wealth; the whiter the palm, the better luck you will have. You people with this kind of palm will have good luck in wealth, successful career and happy marriage. The shiny palm with the silk-like thin skin suggests the poor heart function or joint disease.