Is Tom Cruise Quitting ‘Mission Impossible’ Franchise After Dead Reckoning? Director Reveals!

Tom Cruise’s famed character, IMF agent Ethan Hunt, will return to the big screen in Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning: Part One next year. Tom Cruise, coming off the tremendous success of Top Gun: Maverick, is gearing up for the premiere of his next action franchise, the Mission Impossible flicks. According to reports, the seventh and eighth Mission: Impossible films will be titled Dead Reckoning – Part 1 and Dead Reckoning – Part 2. Director Christopher McQuarrie recently discussed Cruise’s MI future and more on the Light The Fuse Podcast.

While there have been rumors that Tom will be wrapping up the Mission Impossible franchise with the eighth film, the director stated, “Let me tell you, My experience working with Tom Cruise for 15 years, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood next to him, witnessed an event, and then read about it in “The trade the next day, and none of what they describe actually happens”.

When asked if Tom Cruise will leave the “Mission: Impossible” franchise, he hinted that we might see more Ethan Hunt after “Dead Reckoning.” McQuarrie directed both halves of the two-part film. Even if Cruise leaves “Mission: Impossible,” he will continue to collaborate with McQuarrie. The director said that he is already working on a new film for Cruise that will be “gnarlier” than the “Mission: Impossible” films.

Further hinting at their upcoming project, the filmmaker noted that while it’s still under wraps, it’s something they’ve discussed for quite some time. Furthermore, he said: “It’s far out of what you’re used to seeing Tom do.” As for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, it releases on July 14. A second installment is scheduled for 2024.