‘It’s Certain…’: Will Sonakshi Sinha Change Her Religion? Zaheer Iqbal’s Father Responds

Sonakshi Sinha is currently in the news regarding her marriage. Preparations for the wedding are in full swing. Recently, the Mehendi ceremony of Zaheer and Sonakshi took place, and now it is being reported that the Haldi ceremony is also going to happen.

Fans are confused about whether the rituals are being performed according to Hindu traditions or Muslim traditions. Questions about Sonakshi’s conversion to Islam have been arising about their marriage.

Will Sonakshi Sinha Change Her Religion For Wedding With Zaheer Iqbal

Now, Zaheer Iqbal’s father has answered these questions. Two days later, on June 23rd, actress Sonakshi Sinha is getting married. Her soon-to-be husband’s name is Zaheer Iqbal.

Zaheer’s Father Speaks on the Religion Issue. Talking to Free Press Journal, Zaheer Iqbal’s father, Iqbal Ratnasi, addressed the rumours about Sonakshi Sinha’s conversion.

He dismissed the speculation by saying, “It is certain that she is not converting her religion. The union of both is a union of hearts. Religion has no role in it.”

He further said, “I believe in humanity. Hindus call God ‘Bhagwan’ and Muslims call God ‘Allah.’ Ultimately, we are all human beings. My blessings are with Zaheer and Sonakshi.”

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha

Zaheer Iqbal and Sonakshi Sinha Are Going to Marry. Zaheer Iqbal and Sonakshi Sinha have been dating each other for the past seven years. After a long time, they are now going to get married.

Their wedding will be neither according to Hindu rituals nor Muslim rituals. For now, This Couple Zaheer and Sonakshi’s wedding will be a registered marriage under the Hindu-Muslim Act on June 23. This will take place at Ratnasi House in Bandra Mumbai.

Only 50 people will be present for this event. After this, Sonakshi has planned to hold a grand reception, which will be attended by numerous Bollywood celebrities.

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