Javed Akhtar Take on Nepotism: Zoya Akhtar ‘Shouldn’t Be Questioned’ For The Archies Casting, Here’s Why?

Zoya Akhtar’s latest project ‘The Archies’ is all set to be on Netflix soon. During a latest interview Zoya’s father Javed Akhtar, who is also the writer, expressed his views on nepotism. He addressed nepotism debate in film industry and claimed that his daughter Zoya Akhtar has all the rights to cast anybody whoever she wants in her film.

Javed Akhtar shares his thoughts on Nepotism

On the 3rd day of Sahitya Aajtak 2023, during the interaction Javed Akhtar, he  spoke about he daughter Zoya Akhtar for The Archies’ casting and further clarified that making movies, involves personal risks. He said she is taking a risk with her own money. As the person investing her own money in the project, she has all the right to involve anyone she wants in the film’s cast without being questioned. He said, “She has all the right to take anybody under the sun, she shouldn’t be questioned. She is taking the risk, it is her project and she is backing it.”

He mentioned that while nepotism can exist globally, it’s different in the film industry. According to him, success in the industry is like an unbiased election, individuals can only become successful if they are appreciated by the audience. He said, “Film industry ke baare mein baat hoti rehti hain nepotism ki. Nepotism film industry mein ho hi nahi sakta. Duniya mein har jagah ho jaye, par yaha nahi ho sakta.


Javed Akhtar take on Nepotism in the film industry


He further clarified that nepotism is more likely in bureaucratic settings or agencies where individuals in lower positions have the authority to hire. However, in the film individuals are taking personal risks and not depending on someone else. He said, “Lekin, yaha nepotism isiliye nahi hain kyuki aadmi yaha khud risk le raha hain. Wo kisi aur ke kandhe pe bandook rakhe huye hain.”

The Archies is all set to hit Netflix soon

Zoya Akhtar directs The Archies, the movie, based on the popular American comic book series, features Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor, Agastya Nanda, Vedang Raina, Mihir Ahuja, Aditi Saigal, and Yuvraj Menda.