Jawan: Is Shah Rukh Khan’s Dialogue, ‘Jab Main Villain Banta Hu…’ A Barb At Sunny Deol? Superstar’s Followers Feel So

Since Jawan Prevue was released, Shah Rukh Khan’s legions of devoted fans have gone absolutely crazy with anticipation for the film. Everything about SRK in the trailer made me go “WOW” and then some. The lines were all well-written, but “Jab mai villain Banta hu toh mere saamne hero bhi nahi tikta” in particular stood out.

Jawan Shah Rukh Khan

It has been said that Jawan is a direct remake of Money Heist; however, this is not the case. Instead, it takes parts that were inspired by the series and blends them into its own plot, giving it its own distinctive twist.Many viewers have interpreted this line as a dig at Sunny Deol, who played the film’s hero opposite King Khan. Shah Rukh Khan’s first time out in the role of the villain was in the film Darr, and he absolutely nailed it.

Reaction of fans

Many viewers have seen this line as a jab at Gadar 2’s Sunny Paaji, and they are curious to see how he responds. When asked why a newcomer got all the attention, one Reddit member said, “I won’t be surprised if this was the reason Lol sunny was really pissed.”

When his father found out Yash Chopra was working with them, he went to shout at him while inebriated.Twenty years later, he’s still honoring his word. Fans were not only impressed by SRK’s words, but also by his bald avatar and the dance he performed in a subway station.

Not at all! When it comes to Jawan Prevue, there really wasn’t a single flaw. Seeing Deepika Padukone in the film was a nice surprise, and some viewers have speculated that she may play Shah Rukh Khan’s mother in the film. Fans are already speculating about a teaser for Atlee’s upcoming film Jawan, which is set for release on September 7, 2023. Which is better, the film or the trailer? We think this is even better than the original Shah Rukh Khan.

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