Kajol Trolled For ‘Uneducated Politicians’ Remark, Later Clarifies On Twitter

Kajol is starring in a Disney + Hotstar series, The Trial. It is scheduled to stream from 14th July onwards. In one of its promotional interviews, Kajol was asked about her viewpoint on women empowerment and change. She replied, ” Change in a country like India is slow. It is because we are steeped in our traditions and steeped in our thought processes. Of course, it has to do with education.” She later on went on to add that we have political leaders with no educational system background. The 48 year old actor also said, “I am sorry but I’m going to go out and say that. I am being ruled by many leaders who do not have that viewpoint, which education gives you”.

Kajol Trolled for her statement

This comment on uneducated leaders did not go well with many social media users. Priyanka Chaturvedi from Shiv Sena (UBT) commented, “Don’t Yale your entire Political Science knowledge”. One of the netizens tweeted, ” She is a school drop out. Her husband is a college drop out. He sells guthka. Bollywood is the most undereducated industry.” Another user pointed out,” Before commenting on others qualification, check your own qualifications. You are a school drop out, isn’t it?”


After facing this severe backlash immediately, Kajol tweeted clarifying her statement,” I was merely making a point about education and its importance. My intention was not to demean any political leaders. We have some great leaders who are guiding the country on the right path”.

On the workfront

On the workfront, Kajol was last seen in the Netflix series Lust Stories 2. She will now be seen in the series, The Trial streaming on Disney + Hotstar. It is an adaptation of the American series, The Good Wife. Apparently, she is also a part of the Netflix thriller, Do Patti with Kriti Sanon.

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