Kangana Ranaut Lauds Katrina Kaif For Marrying Vicky Kaushal Who Is Younger Than Her, ‘Rich and Successful’

Kangana Ranaut took to her Instagram story to laud rich and successful leading ladies of the film industry for breaking stereotypes by marrying younger men. This comes amid the ongoing wedding festivities of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif.

Kangana Ranaut doesn’t shy away from expressing her thoughts and feelings on anything. She’s probably the most outspoken Bollywood celebrity and often gets into controversies because of the same. In a recent Instagram story, Kangana has lauded Katrina Kaif for marrying a younger man than him, Vicky Kaushal. Scroll below to read the scoop.

Katrina is undoubtedly one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood and has been ruling our hearts for almost a decade now.

Kangana Ranaut praised Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal for their marriage and wrote, “Growing up, we heard many stories of successful rich men marrying much younger women… For women to be more successful than their husband was seen as a major crisis, forget marrying a younger man after a certain age, marriage was impossible for women …. Nice to see rich and successful women, leading ladies of Indian film industry breaking the sexist norms…. Kudos to men and women both for redefining gender stereotype.”

The Thalaivii star is known to express her thoughts on various topics and now, she has commented on the sexist norms of the society ahead of one of the much-awaited weddings of 2021- Vicky and Katrina.

Recently, Kangana, too, has expressed her wish of getting married soon. In an interview with Times Now, the actress was asked where she sees herself five years from now. Replying to the same, she said, “I definitely want to be married and have babies. I see myself as a mother five years down the line and as a wife, and of course as someone who is actively participating in the vision of new India. When prodded about her partner, she added, “You will know soon.”

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