Kangana Ranaut Praises Ram Lalla Idol Ahead of Ayodhya Ram Mandir Inauguration

Kangana Ranaut recently expressed her admiration for the intricately sculpted Ram Lalla idol that will be unveiled at Ayodhya’s Ram Temple on January 22, 2024, on her Instagram account.

Kangana, known for her artistic sensibilities, shared a close-up picture of the idol and marvelled at how it perfectly captured her imagined depiction of Lord Rama as a young boy. Sculptor Arun Yogiraj received her praise as she credited him with breathing life into the idol with its exquisite facial features.

Kangana’s Spiritual Reflections on the Idol

In her Instagram Stories post on January 20, 2024, Kangana wrote,

“I always thought Lord Rama looked like this as a young boy, and my imagination today came alive.”

She thanked Arun Yogiraj, calling him “blessed,” and acknowledged the immense pressure the sculptor must have faced in immortalizing the divine in stone. Kangana tagged the sculptor Arun Yogi Raj’s eloquent description of the idol as

“Kitne sundar aur mann ko moh lene wali ye pratima hai, kitna pressure hoga @arun_yogiraj ji pe aur swayam parmeshvar ko hi patthar mein tham lena. Kya kahein, yeh bhi Ram ki hi kripa hai. @arun_yogiraj ji Shri Ram ne aapko swayam darshan diya hain, aap dhanya hai.

(How beautiful and captivating is this God? How much pressure will there be on @arun_yogiraj ji to enshrine God himself in this stone? What can I say? This is also due to Ram’s mercy. @arun_yogiraj ji Shri Ram has given you darshan himself. You are blessed.”

The actress specifically praised Arun Yogiraj for his exceptional talent in bringing the divine features of Lord Rama to life. Kangana acknowledged the immense pressure on the sculptor and reflected on the significance of depicting a deity in stone. Her words underscore the challenges and reverence involved in sculpting an idol that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also spiritually resonant.

Kangana’s Invitation to the Ram Temple Inauguration

In a significant move, Kangana Ranaut has received a personal invitation to the January 22, 2024, opening of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. After leaving for Ayodhya, she had an interview at the airport. Here’s what she said:

The actress joins a list of Bollywood celebrities invited to the historic event. Despite her busy schedule with the post-production of her upcoming film “Emergency,” where she has both directed and played the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Kangana expressed her gratitude for the invitation.

Kangana’s Artistic Reverence and Spiritual Connection

Kangana Ranaut’s praise for the Ram Lalla idol and her acknowledgement of sculptor Arun Yogiraj’s craftsmanship reflect her artistic sensibilities and a deep spiritual connection.

As she prepares to attend the inauguration of the Ram Temple, Kangana’s words and actions emphasize the intersection of art, faith, and cultural significance in the upcoming historic event.

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