Kangana Ranaut To Quit Bollywood For Politics If Elected, Calls Film Industry A ‘Fake Bubble’

Actor Kangana Ranaut is a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate. She is contesting from the Mandi seat in the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. During one of her recent interviews, Kangana was questioned about whether she would quit Bollywood if she won the Mandi seat.

Responding to this, Kangana said, “Yes.” Even though this is a bold assertion, Kangana did not hold back when she said that Bollywood fosters misinformation.

“The film world is a lie.”

She answered, “The film world is a lie; everything there is fake. They create a very different environment. It is a glossy world, like a fake bubble, which is meant to attract the audience. This is the reality.”

Further, when Kangana was asked how she would manage between Bollywood commitments as well as politics, the actor said, “I am a very passionate person. I never wanted to do a job because I had to. Even in films, I start writing, and when I get bored of playing a role, I direct or produce, so I have a very fertile mind, and I want to be passionately engaged.”

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During the conversation, Kangana Ranaut says that a person should ideally only want to pursue one career path. When Kangana was told that she would break many hearts if she quit Bollywood, the actor said that a lot of directors have been upset by this thought.

“Yes, mujhe bohot saare filmmakers kehte hain ki humare paas ek acchi heroine hai, please mat jao. Main acchi acting karti hoon, par chalo voh bhi ek accha compliment hai”. (I take it in stride. A lot of filmmakers tell me, Please don’t go; we have one great heroine. I act well, and it is a great compliment. (I take it in stride.).

Kangana Ranaut had previously expressed her intention to finish her upcoming films in an interview with ANI. “I have several films in the pipeline, including Emergency, Sita: The Incarnation, which is a trilogy, Noti Binodini, which is a biopic, and a thriller with Madhavan. I am committed to completing these projects.”

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