Kangana Ranaut’s Bold Refusal To Enter Heroes’ Rooms As Per Film Mafia’s Demand; Read On!

Kangana Ranaut, the ferocious actress, is often in the news for making provocative statements about the film business. We have seen her make several shocking comments over the years against Bollywood and the film industry at large. This time, however, the Panga actress has leveled new allegations against the film mafia, which she claims to exist in the film business. Kangana described the backlash she has faced for standing up for herself in the glitz and glamour world and refusing to give in to their demands.

Kangana Ranaut claims the film industry thugs hounded her because she didn’t enter the heroes’ private quarters

On February 27, 2023, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut sent a lengthy statement on her Instagram stories in which she called out the film mafia. The actress has confessed that the film industry’s insiders see her as haughty, but that she rejects this label and instead claims to have inherited her mother’s strong work ethic, Asha Ranaut. In her words,

“My mother taught me to get by on two rotis and a pinch of salt, and she instilled in me the confidence to say ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t align with my values and dharma, but the film mafia has always termed my approach arrogance.”

Furthermore, Kangana Ranaut stated in the same Instagram post that she refused to gossip, turned down requests to dance at weddings like other celebrities, and resisted entering the chambers of heroes. The actress continued by saying that the film industry is really harsh toward her due to all of these factors. Kangana said that she uses her own money to finance the production of her movies. Similar to what she remembered, she said:

“Just tell me whether this represents haughtiness or honesty. They teased me and said I was crazy since I didn’t participate in typical lady activities like giggling and gossiping, dancing at weddings, or visiting heroes’ locker rooms. Is this a valid justification for discrimination, harassment, or social exclusion? Even now, with little left over after spending it all on a film, I feel rich watching my mother toil in the fields.

At the conclusion of her message, Kangana Ranaut ripped into the individuals who had been attempting to blackmail her by saying she’d be unable to find employment in the film business. The actress has said that she works in Bollywood to weed out people like herself, who want to profit from others’ misfortunes. Among the things she wrote was:

“What do you mean, “kya bigadoge tum mera main yahan aayi hoon rakshshon ka safaya karne?” In my opinion, there is nothing in it for me personally… It’s not my fault, so don’t be surprised if some heads start to roll…. haha, you’re right, you can’t blame me. That is why I have come to this meeting.”