Kantara Star Rishab Shetty Refers To Himself As “A Proud Kannadiga” And Shuns Bollywood Productions

Rishab Shetty admitted that he has no plans for a career in Bollywood, even though he is still having a hard time accepting the public’s adoration for Kantara. See the reason why!

With his film, Kantara, Kannada actor and director Rishab Shetty have dominated the box office! Rishab Shetty has become well-known across the country as a result of the success of the film. And while many actors leave the acting business after they become well-known and enter other film industries, particularly Bollywood, this seems to not be the scenario with the Kantara actor.

The actor, who identified himself as a “proud Kannadiga,” said he has no desire to work in the Bollywood film industry. “I want to do Kannada movies. I’m a proud Kannadiga. It’s because of the Kannada film industry and Kannada people, I am here today. Just because a film becomes a hit, my family and friends won’t change. My core lies with Kannada cinema,” he said.

Although the actor expressed his gratitude for Kantara’s widespread popularity, he stated that the success of the movie will not alter the way he produces films in the future. He also expressed “I believe more regional is more universal. If people like my content, I will present it here (in the Hindi-speaking belt). Otherwise, I will just release it in Karnataka,” adding, “I don’t think I have to do the films a certain way. I’m going to tell the stories. And it will push me harder.”