Taylor Swift’s Ex Joe Alwyn On His Relationship With Country Singer: ‘No Reason To’

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift were first connected in 2017 and made their public debuts together in 2018. In 2023, Taylor and Joe announced their separation, shocking and upsetting their fans.

Joe reportedly found it difficult to deal with Taylor’s celebrity and the public’s attention, according to a source. It also got more difficult to overlook the distinctions between their personalities. (Read More: Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn Planned To Move In A Lavish London Mansion Worth Millions Before Their Split!)

“..Relationship Private”

Joe Alwyn reviewed his relationship with Taylor Swift in a recent interview with The Sunday Times.

The Harriet star said, “As everyone knows, we together—both of us, mutually—decided to keep the more private details of our relationship private. It was never something to commodify, and I see no reason to change that now.”

“..Great place in my life”

Joe Alwyn also hinted at the timeline of his breakup with Taylor Swift.

He continued, “And, look, this is also a little over a year ago now, and I feel fortunate to be in a great place in my life, professionally and personally. I feel really good.”

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“The Tortured Poets Department”

It was also asked of him if he had listened to Taylor’s most recent album, The Tortured Poets Department, which is attributed to her relationship with Alwyn.

He responded without a clear answer and said, “That is a hard thing to navigate. In thinking about what I was going to say, I would think and hope that anyone and everyone can empathise. … This isn’t a direct answer to your question, but just thinking about what I want to talk about.”

Netizens Reactions

Here’s how netizens react to Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend’s recent revelations.

One of the users wrote, “I feel for him. So many weird “fans” still won’t leave Joe Alwyn alone.”

Another stated, “We stand with Joe Alwyn.”

One sneered, “fully committed” my ass.”

“Such a loser,” added one person.

Another user commented, “I don’t believe it’s even his fault. I think it’s hers.”

Followed by one saying, “he’s speaking rationally actually.”

And, “Just a coward what can I say.”

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