Karan Johar Trolls Himself: Is Koffee With Karan Running Out Of Steam?

Karan Johar, the mastermind behind the immensely popular talk show “Koffee With Karan,” recently announced the eighth season with a quirky promo. However, the promo itself raised eyebrows as it featured Karan trolling himself for delivering ‘thanda’ or lackluster content in the past seasons. With the show set to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar this month, it begs the question: Is Koffee With Karan running out of steam?

The ‘Thanda’ Seasons

In the promo, Karan Johar is seen engaging in a comical conversation with his ‘Kconscience,’ who humorously criticizes the previous season as ‘thanda’ or cold. The candid admission that Season 7 was less than exciting leaves fans wondering if the show that once took the nation by storm has lost its charm.

Is the Coffee Getting Cold?

The fact that Karan Johar is openly acknowledging the criticism and making fun of it raises concerns. Is the coffee getting cold on “Koffee With Karan”? Has the once-refreshing talk show become stale, unable to generate the same buzz it did in its earlier seasons?

Dwindling Excitement

Over the years, the show has witnessed its fair share of controversies and candid celebrity confessions. However, with each passing season, the novelty seems to be wearing off. The same rapid-fire rounds, personal revelations, and celebrity camaraderie may not be as exciting as they once were.

The Need for Innovation

As the show enters its eighth season, it might be time for Karan Johar to reinvent the format and bring in fresh elements that captivate audiences anew. Viewers are looking for something beyond the usual celebrity gossip and witty banter.


Karan Johar’s self-deprecating humor in the Season 8 promo of “Koffee With Karan” raises questions about the show’s sustainability. While it remains a beloved talk show in India, it is essential to keep the content engaging and innovative to maintain its status as a must-watch program. As fans eagerly await the new season, the challenge for Karan Johar will be to rekindle the spark and excitement that made “Koffee With Karan” a household name.