Karan Kundrra’s Fan Got Angry With Him; Said, “No Longer Wants To See Him In The Finale”

Bigg Boss 15 has completed its tenth week. In such a situation, many relationships of family members are seen to be forming and deteriorating. Everyone is trying to play their best. But the audience is neither understanding nor liking the game of the family members. However, when stars like Jai Bhanushali, Tejashwi Prakash, Umar Riaz, and Karan Kundra entered the house, the audience was quite curious. The audience was expecting a lot especially from the way Karan had set his mind in the first week itself.

Karan dashed the hopes of the fans

However, Karan Kundra, who garnered everyone’s love for his tremendous game in the first and second week, dashed the expectations of his fans by the time he entered the tenth week. From stars to Farah Khan and every fan used to see the winner of Bigg Boss 15 inside Karan, now the opinion of the audience but also his fans has changed about his game.

Karan’s fan complained to him

Showing the mirror of his game to Karan, Salman Khan said that his fans who used to love him should now listen for themselves as to what his opinion is about his game. After which a video of his fan was played and his fan expressed his displeasure over Karan’s game and also said that now he does not want to see him in the finale.

A fan of Karan Kundra said, ‘Although I wanted Karan Kundra Ji to come to the finals, the way he is hiding his personality. Haven’t played my game yet, so I don’t want to see her in the final. Earlier I used to give my support to him because I thought he would play very well, but he is playing fake, which I don’t like at all.

Stars also raised questions on Karan’s game

In the first week, many celebrities who liked Karan’s game raised questions about Karan Kundra’s game as soon as he entered the house. Along with this, his close friends who came to the house also advised Karan to focus on the game instead of keeping his relationship with Tejashwi. Although Karan always said that he would understand but with every week his game got weaker and weaker.