Kareena Kapoor Khan: ‘I Don’t Want My Sons To Be Movie Stars’

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the hottest mommies in the Bollywood industry. The diva has nurtured two babies and has also written a book on her experiences during pregnancy too. In an exclusive chat, the yummy-mummy of Taimur Ali Khan Jeh Ali Khan talked at length about how different her two sons are and how is she as a mother.

Throwing light on the looks of her two babies, the 40-year old actress says, “He barely six months old, but Jeh looks exactly like me and Tim looks like Saif [Ali Khan].”
Describing the habits and interests of Taimur and Jeh, Kareena quotes, “At six months, Tim didn’t like too many new faces, but Jeh seems comfortable,” says Kareena, seated in the living room of her new apartment in Bandra, right after her cover shoot for the magazine. “Taimur has more of Saif’s personality, and Jeh seems like a wonderful mix. Tim is a typical Sagittarian; he is creative, he likes art, coloring, and drawing, he loves exploring and whats to know about everything. Jeh is Piscean. Let’s see how he is going to develop.”
On being asked what kind of a mother she is, Kareena says, “I want both my sons to be thorough gentlemen, I want people to say they are well-brought-up, kind-hearted and I will think my job is well done,” says Kareena. “I don’t want them to be movie stars. I’ll be happy if Tim comes and tells me I want to do something else, climb Mount Everest maybe, that’s his choice. I want to stand by and support my boys.”

Kareena says she wants to be a chilled-out mom and doesn’t want to get overinvolved in her children’s life. “I don’t want to be like a helicopter mom. I want them to fall and learn because that’s the way my mother taught me. My mother was like, do what you want, make your mistakes and then learn to repair them because that’s the way it works. So that’s the way I am parenting both the boys. Jeh, of course, is small, but Tim is now much more aware. I am like if he does something wrong, you clear up your mess. That’s the only way they learn.”

Talking about her decision of keeping Jeh away from the media and Paps, the gorgeous actress says “It was so overwhelming with Taimur… there was so much chatter: what’s going on, what have they named him, then… Taimur has gone here, Tim is doing that. It was so much that both Saif and I felt that this time, we must chill out. They’re just kids at the end of the day. So we haven’t released any pictures of Jeh yet, even though Tim happily waves for the camera.

During both her pregnancies, Kareena was working either in films, ads, or endorsements. Recently, she also talked about losing her sex drive during her pregnancy and also revealed that when she was 5 months into her pregnancy with Jeh, she was even shooting a romantic number with Aamir Khan for Lal Singh.

In her book, she has also addressed some untouched topics that society usually doesn’t give notice to. She feels that it is important to talk about sexual urging. Kareena has written in the book, “It’s possible that a woman doesn’t feel the need for sex, does not feel the urge, or doesn’t even feel that she likes herself at that point of time during pregnancy,” says Kareena. “This is what women go through before childbirth. People are not used to seeing mainstream actors talking about these things. But then, they are not used to seeing mainstream actors pregnant either.”

Kareena is currently enjoying all the praises coming her way for the book she has written on her experiences during pregnancy. Her newborn is just six months old. Both her sons Tim (short for Taimur) and Jeh (short for Jehangir) got criticized for their names by some Hindu bigots.

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