Katrina Kaif Admits Checking Her Partner’s Phone, Crying In Public Bathroom: Checkout!

Katrina Kaif has yet to reveal her plans for Valentine’s Day, but as part of Valentine’s Day 2023 celebrations, she sat down and played a fun game “Never have I ever” with her friends Mini Mathur and Karisma Kohli. There are more video games than ever on the Katrina Kay Beauty Instagram page, and every recognition from there eats a spoonful of cake.

Katrina confessed Checking Her partner’s phone

When they first asked, “I’ve never hung over my partner’s phone,” Katrina confirmed she did. Mini immediately said, “Vicky (Vicky Caushell’s husband) changed the password,” but Katrina interrupts her and says, “No, I did it when I was less wise. But now, If Someone opened the phone and put it next to me, but I will not see. Mini Mathur, married to director Kabir Khan, doesn’t eat the cake but promise along with Katrina never to do so again.”

Katrina fakes injuries to Avoid film shooting

Katrina also admits to faking her injuries to avoid something. she said she made an excuse for injuring her leg while filming the 2009 film in New York. Mini also revealed that she always finds an excuse not to carry her luggage at the airport or get extra luggage. These three also have their own cake, as they admitted during a Google search.

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Katrina kaif Admits crying in public bathroom

Katrina also confirmed that she cried in a public bathoom in a “Diwali party,” Katrina replied to the question. On the work front, Katrina is now starring opposite Vijay Sethupathy in Sriram Raghavan’s Merry Christmas. It will be released later this year. She also owns a Tiger 3 with Salman Khan.



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