‘Khud Khush Rehna Sikho’: Sushmita Sen’s Ex-BF Rohman Shawl Tells Fans To Not Have High Expectations From Their Partners!

As soon as the news of Lalit Modi dating Sushmita Sen broke out on the internet, people started talking about Sushmita’s ex-boyfriend Rohman Shawl, with whom she broke up just 6 months ago. When Rohman was asked to comment on Lalit-Sushmita’s relationship, he was kind with his words as he only showered his blessings on the new lovebirds in the town. “Let’s be happy for them na. Love is beautiful. All I know is if she has chosen someone, he is worth it!” said Rohman when asked to comment on Lalit –Sushmita’s blossoming love.

Recently, Shawl conducted an AMA on his social media handle. The session which was meant to interact with fans, shocked the 30-years old model as he found out that many people were not happy with their partners because they were expecting way too much from them. On getting to know this, Rohman shared a piece of friendly advice with all his followers. He said that one should not have high expectations from their partners because it is only us that can make ourselves happy and no one else.

In a video posted by Rohman with a caption, “Nobody can complete you, but you,” he said, “Yaar mai na #RohmanAsking ke kuch jawab padh raha tha. Ye sab pyaar me itne dukhi kyu hai. Bohot jyada expect karte ho yaar tum log apne partner se. Kyu?? I mean your partner has so many things to do on their own, they have their lives. Don’t depend on them so much yaar. Apne aap ko khud khud rehna sikho na. Just know how to be completed and then look for a partner,”

“Don’t find somebody who can complete you because that will never be true. Aap samajh rahe ho? I don’t know this concept of ‘somebody will complete me’. Nobody can complete you but you man. It’s very easy. Stop doing that to yourself and stop making the other person miserable. Kisine theka nahi liya hai yaar tumhe khush rakhne ka. Tumne hi liya hai aur tumhare hi bas ki hai and nobody can make you happy. Khush raho,” he added further.

Lalit-Sushmita are getting trolled mercilessly for their relationship on social media and Rohman is nowhere behind. People made fun of him also after they got to know that Sen has found love again. After keeping quiet for some days, Rohman took to his Instagram story to ask people not to spread hate.

Let us tell you that Sushmita and Rohman had met through Instagram. After dating for 3 years, the two had gone separate paths in December 2021. However, they have maintained their bond of friendship even today.

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