‘Kisi Ke Bolne Se…’: Neha Bhasin Reacts After Being Called A Pornstar For Her Sartorial Choices!

Bigg Boss OTT and Bigg Boss 15 fame singer Neha Bhasin has done phenomenal work in Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood besides releasing solo songs. She keeps hitting the headlines for her fashion choices. While many appreciate Neha for her boldness, there are some who show disappointment over her sensuous pictures to a level that they end up tagging her as a ‘pornstar’. In a recent interview, Neha opened up constant social media trolling that she faces due to her choice of clothes.

Talking about the backlash, Neha shared how she deals with “all the negativity surrounding her body or sartorial choices.” She said that she is bored of all the trolling as it happens on daily basis. Neha expressed that she she has been in the industry for past 21 years and by now, people should stop judging her choices.

Neha told that negativity that online users have comes out from the stereotypical mindset of not being able to accept Indian women who are confident in their “body, sexuality and sensuality.” 

The 40-year-old reacted to being compared to pornstars. She stated that she carries utmost respect for the adult film industry as they don’t hide behind “any societal hypocrisy who watches these pornstars behind closed doors and then passes judgments about them.”

Furthermore, Neha revealed that she doesn’t feel bad about being called anything because kissi ke bolne se main woh hoti nahi hun. She said that she will remain Neha Bhasin. “Also, I have a lot more respect for the pornstars than I do for these people who are calling me that,” she added.

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