Latest Fashion Trends in 2021

Despite virtual runways and socially-distanced collections becoming the new norm for the fashion world over the last year, 2021 has proven there are still trends to be set, worn and fawned over as we approach the end of the year. 

Loungewear might have been a hot lockdown commodity, but fashion stylists, models and editors have been all over getting up to speed with the latest fall fashion ideas to make sure 2021 ends off with a bang, and not with us in another plain grey sweater and jeans as we mask up for a trip to the shops.

An exciting autumn may have eluded us last year, but as the world opens up and the latest trends hit the shop windows, there is an abundance of looks to take advantage of for the new season. From dresses to tees, to bright colors, here’s what 2021’s fashion trends have to offer.


Fringing is back, but not just for your jacket! Bag fringing has been spotted as one of the biggest trends this year and is coming in all shapes and sizes. Fringing is essentially tasselling, but for your bag. And whether you find a bag with short fringing or long fringing, leather or not, you’ll be at the forefront of handbag fashion this season.

The head-turning design is simple, but sure to work for almost any event, day or night. Plus, the colors are limitless. For a more classic look, you can choose dark blue, brown or black. If you want to stand out or make a statement, try out red, green or yellow.

Sweater vests

Sweater vests are no longer a staple for young, male working professionals or high school cheerleaders. Ideal for the colder months ahead, sweater vests are making a hot comeback, meaning you can go from lockdown loungewear to daytime chic with all the comfort.

From cable knit to rib knit, from bold primary colors to the classic neutrals, and from oversized to fitted, sweater vests have had a runway makeover and are ready for your new fall season look


Bold colors are well and truly here, but with a twist. Instead of multiple block colors added to a jacket or pants, it’s all about being monochromatic. Think full outfits of lemon yellow, fiery red or lime green.

But the trend doesn’t stop there. Pastel’s continue to thrive and soft hues are just as popular as the bold pops of color. From lavender to mint green and duck egg blue, you can pull off a monochromatic outfit even if bright red isn’t your thing.

Knitted dresses

As we gear up for all the layering, knitted dresses have been spotted as a fall season staple. Not only do they provide ultimate comfort and warmth, but they add a fun twist to the traditional winter dress.

From maxis to midis and bold colors to soft hues, the knit dress is so versatile it’s worthwhile adding a handful of variations to your winter wardrobe. Dress it up or down, pair it with sneakers or boots, the knit dress can be thrown on for an effortlessly chic look.

Oversized fits

From jackets to dresses and jeans, the larger fit is a hot look this fall. The 80’s-inspired trend breaks the mold of the more fitted looks and brings back the comfort of oversized clothes just in time for ultimate fall cosiness.

From shoulder-pad boyfriend jackets and puffer jackets to straight-leg jeans and large, cosy knitwear, an oversized top or bottom can be mixed and matched with almost any item of clothing for a trend-setting look.


If you’re heading back to the office or you’re off to in-person meetings, shirt dressing takes a more corporate look but layers it up with a new twist. Crisp white collared shirts are being worn beneath dresses, vests and jackets, and tucked into skirts and pants for an alternative to a traditional office look.

By layering a collared shirt with other clothes you’re adding a chic but relaxed dimension to a more formal look. A simple piece of clothing, shirts can be styled in an almost infinite number of ways. 

Floral prints

Spotted on the most recent runways, floral prints aren’t just a spring look. No matter how bold or tame you choose to go, darker shades of flowers and leaves are perfect for your autumn look, day or night. 

From pants to jackets, coats, dresses, shirts and scarves, florals are never out of fashion. Whether you choose full prints or small details, flowers have made a classic comeback and are sure to lift any fall outfit.

Final thoughts

With fall upon us, now is the perfect time to try out a new look! From fringes to sweaters, dresses to shirts colors to prints, 2021 has offered up some hot trends to lean into and try out.

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