Lock Upp: Saisha Apologises To Kangana; Says, ‘I Am A Prisoner, You Are Show’s Owner’

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Upp has been in the news since its inception. At present, the audience is getting a lot of entertainment from this show of Kangana. Recently, fashion designer Saisha Shinde, a strong participant of the show, had a heated argument with Kangana, after which she was thrown out of jail but now she has returned to the show and in this sequence, the audience will be seen in the upcoming episodes. There’s going to be a lot of entertainment. Where Saisha will apologize to Kangana Ranaut by reading a long note


Saisha Shinde read the note saying, “The hashtag Break Bang Saisha got very trending after I moved out. I lost my mother and my four cats in the world. My mother’s political ideologies and religious ideologies are completely opposite to mine. My sister who passed away four years ago had a completely different perspective and opinion about my life, but did I disrespect her…No.

Talking further, Saisha says that my mother, sister and Kangana may have different views. My disrespect to Kangna… was not acceptable, because Kangna is the owner of this jail and I am a prisoner. Thousands of prisoners will come but the owner of this jail will not change. Even after this, Saisha says a lot for Kangana and in the last she apologizes to Kangana saying that please let me make you laugh every day and on Judgment Day. After this, Kangana also accepts his apology.

At present, with the return of Kangana in Lock Upp, once again there can be a lot of interesting twists in the show. The audience is also very happy with Saisha coming on the show. Let us tell you that even after being out of the show, Saisha had apologized to Kangana Ranaut for her behavior through a post.