‘Made My Nude Video, Beat Me Up’: Adil Durrani Makes Shocking Allegations On Rakhi Sawant!

Reality TV star Rakhi Sawant often make headlines for her bizarre antics and controversial remarks. She attracted a lot of eyeballs for her fallout with ex-husband and businessman Adil Khan Durrani earlier this year. After putting several accusations on him, Rakhi made Adil live behind the bars for months. Now that he is out of the jail, the Mysore-based guy has shared his side of the story in ugly separation with the actress. He has made shocking allegations against Rakhi.

Adil sat for an explosive video interview with Bollywood Bubble where he told that Rakhi made an elaborate plan to make his life miserable. He accused her of allegedly beating him up, exploiting his financial assets and framing him wrongly.

Adil shared that he was waiting for his family to approve his union with Rakhi. So, he had asked the latter for some time to make their wedding public. However, she did not wait. Later, things began messing up between them after Adil discovered that Rakhi is cheating on him with her former husband Ritesh. He disclosed finding mushy voice notes from Rakhi to Ritesh When confronted, the actress denied the same. Soon, Rakhi began physically assaulting Adil and started demanding money from him in exchange for divorce.

Adil Durrani said that Rakhi Sawant secretly recorded his nude video over a call and made it viral. He also stated that Rakhi had drugged him while recording a video of him confessing on his alleged financial fraud.

Adil quoted, “Ek tablet di thi Rakhi ne. Mujhe nasha jaise feel ho raha tha. Main soya hu aur utha hu, mujhe kuch samajne nahi aa raha tha. Jo sawaal puch raha tha main uska jawab de raha hu aur mera sir bohot zyada dhukh raha hai. Showing a video of himself chewing the tablet, the aspiring actor said that he looks drowsy, and is eating some tablets. He is not in his senses because he doesn’t know what is happening.

The businessman also revealed how the ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant lied about her miscarriage. he mentioned that she cannot get pregnant because her uterus has been removed.  to an operation on her uterus.

For the unversed, Rakhi Sawant had tied the knot with Adil Khan Durrani in July 2022. The duo announced separation in January, 2023. While parting ways, Rakhi had accused Adil of domestic violence, cheating, financial fraud, and hiding his sexuality.

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