Mahi Vij Blocks Husband Jay Bhanushali On Instagram, Actor Seeks Help From Fans

TV stars Mahi Vij and Jay Bhanushali are said to be one of the perfect couples in the industry. Fans like their chemistry as well as sour-sweet pranks. Both are often connected with their fans through social media. Recently such a tussle happened again, after which Mahi Vij blocked Jay Bhanushali on Instagram. Her move has surprised the fans of both.

Mahi Vij and Jay Bhanushali

At the same time, after being blocked, Jay Bhanushali sought the help of the fans and asked them to convince Mahi to get them unblocked. Jay has given this information through his Instagram story. He has also shared a video in his Instagram story.

However, the reason Mahi has blocked Jay is quite funny. Actually, recently Jay has shared a beautiful photo of himself with Mahi and daughter. Now Mahi is furious seeing this photo.

Mahi Vij and Jay Bhanushali

Actually, Jay recently shared a picture on his Instagram account with Mahi and his daughter Tara. In the caption of this picture, Jay wrote Family. But Mahi feels that she is not looking good in this photo and because of this she got angry with Jay for uploading her bad photo and blocked him on Instagram.

Mahi wrote in the comment on this photo, ‘I am blocking you.’ This picture is being liked a lot among the fans. At the same time, in the video shared by Jay, he is saying, Hi Guys.. Yesterday I posted a photo and this madam has blocked me. After this he says that if I had done this or not, what would have been the allegations against me. This is a very nonsense thing.

Jay and Mahi

Jay said, ‘If I had done this, then all the lectures would have started coming by now. You don’t love me like that anymore. You must be having an affair with someone else. At the same time, Jay sought the help of the fans and asked them to convince Mahi to get them unblocked.

After this Jay Bhanushali shared a screenshot of the message from Mahi on Insta and wrote, ‘Mahi just sent me this message. Thank you all for requesting Mahi to unblock me. But she still didn’t unblocked me’.

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