Malaika Arora Slays Christmas Season, Skips Ex Arbaaz Khan’s Wedding

The Bollywood diva Malaika Arora, well-known for her stunning fashion sense and ageless beauty, turns heads this Christmas Eve with her dazzling outfit. However, amidst the cheer, one question that lingered in the minds of many was: why was she missing from her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan’s second wedding?

Christmas Sparkle

Malaika Arora showed off her Christmas Eve festivities on her official Instagram account, demonstrating her appreciation of the festive season. Her house had a festive Christmas atmosphere throughout the visual feast, with white couches featuring red-hued reindeer and festive décor.

The well-chosen photos revealed a wintry paradise that perfectly captured the season’s spirit. Thanks to Malaika’s meticulous attention to detail, her home became a joyous refuge that welcomed followers to partake in the festivities. Her house was transformed into a beautiful haven for holiday pleasure, with warm sofas and adorable decorations with a Christmas theme.

Arora opted for a white-hued dress that accentuated her curves and exuded glamour — completing her look with a sleek ponytail decked with red ribbons, a unique style.

Social Media Buzz

Arora shared pictures of her attire on social media, setting the internet ablaze with compliments. Fans and fashion enthusiasts were quick to shower her with praise, calling her a “vision” and a “Christmas queen.”

Wedding Absentia

Despite the cheer surrounding Arora, her absence from Arbaaz Khan’s wedding with Sshura Khan couldn’t help but raise eyebrows. The former couple, who were married for 18 years before divorcing in 2016, have maintained a cordial relationship post-separation.

Moving On

Whatever the reason for her absence, it is clear that Arora is not dwelling on the past. She has successfully carved her niche in the industry and is enjoying her life as an independent woman.

Arora’s decision to skip the wedding does not detract from the spirit exuded on Christmas Eve. She looked gorgeous, celebrated with loved ones, and spread cheer on social media. And that is what matters most at the end of the day.

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