Man Gets Schooled For His Grammar After Mocking Someone’s English Skills

Have you ever felt being judged for not speaking proper English?  Has your work ever been overlooked due to not speaking English fluently? People often mistake the English to be an indication of intelligence, but many people have proven how far from the truth that is. For instance, a man previously asked a journalist to ‘work on her English pronunciation and she gave a savage reply to that. Some netizens also shared how they didn’t go to English-medium schools but still succeeded.

Recently, an advertising agency founder Sahil Vaidya, who happens to be a Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia awardee, shared a LinkedIn status on his profile mocking someone’s English grammar:

Sahil Vaidya’s Status

But after getting the reactions to his post he must have learned a pretty good lesson for mocking someone for their English. Several people called out his incorrect grammar, as well as his privilege and schooled him for judging someone’s English.

People’s Reaction

While few people schooled him for his grammar errors others pointed towards the fact that English is just a medium of communication, and nit-picking and correcting the syntax is not always required. People taught him to get out of the mentality that English is everything and no one can be called a Literate person if he/she is unable to speak English.

Here is the reaction of people who marked that English is not important to communicate. Few said Knowledge is not limited to the usage of one language only.

People’s Reaction


What do you guys think about this judgmental thought of such people?

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