Manoj Bajpayee Reveals Morphed ‘New Year, New Me’ Shirtless Picture

Manoj Bajpayee surprised fans with a rare shirtless photo at the start of the new year. While many praised the transformation, doubts arose regarding the possibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) involvement. In a recent interview with Indian Express, the actor clarified that the viral picture was indeed ‘morphed.’

Manoj Bajpayee on sharing fake shirtless pic

Manoj Bajpayee confirmed during an interview that the viral shirtless photo was indeed morphed. He explained that it was part of a campaign strategy by Netflix, aiming to generate intrigue and start the campaign on a high note, which proved to be successful.

Manoj’s viral ‘shirtless’ pic

In the new photo, Manoj was depicted posing shirtless with a notable emphasis on his eight-pack abs, sparking inquiries from both celebrities and fans about his workout routine. Displaying a serious expression, Manoj engaged with the camera in the image.

Sharing the photo, the actor humorously captioned it, “New Year, New Me! Dekho delicious soup ka meri body pe asar. Ekdum killer look hai na (See the effect of soup on my body. Isn’t it a killer look)?” The photo was part of a promotional strategy for his recently released project, “Killer Soup,” in which Konkona Sen Sharma plays his wife.

Killer Soup

Directed and co-written by Abhishek Chaubey, “Killer Soup” is produced by Honey Trehan and Chetana Kowshik. The web series features a talented cast, including Nasser, Sayaji Shinde, and Lal. “Killer Soup” was released on Netflix on January 11.

The Hindustan Times review of “Killer Soup” describes it as “Abhishek Chaubey’s new series on Netflix seems to revel in stirring the nastiest of humour and secrets churning underneath. The aftertaste lands, even though a lot of hiccups occur in-between. But, what a deliciously wicked and entertaining show this is, one that needs to be savored with full attention.”