Married Couples Are Guilty Of These Bad Intimate Behaviours- Checkout!

As the years pass, some couples begin to believe that their affection for one another has faded. Well, the truth is that you may have been the one who put out the fire. However, it is never too late to reignite the flame between you two. To do so, you must first identify the harmful patterns that contribute to your marriage’s lack of physical intimacy. As a result, we expose the most common negative intimate practices that most couples have.

  • Allowing your children to sleep in your bed all of the time is a bad idea. You may be tempted to stay with your children all day as a parent, but when they reach a certain age, sleep training is essential. It is not only good for your children, but it is also good for your marriage.
  • It’s also an issue if you don’t close your door at night. If you live with your parents or in-laws, privacy between a couple is limited, therefore you must seize any opportunity to spend time alone with each other. This is impossible if your children appear out of nowhere.

  • After a period of unsatisfactory sex, hiding your unhappiness from your spouse might be a mistake. You may do it to save their feelings, but they may never learn to satisfy you as a result of your silence. This would exacerbate the situation, and while closeness remains beneficial to them, they would never understand what makes it so for you.

  • Some couples believe that one spouse is responsible for initiating sex. This can make people feel burdened, while the other may at times suppress their desires.

Be honest about your feelings and commit to properly asking the other’s permission to begin it whenever you want!