Megan Thee Stallion Had S*x With Woman And Forced Him To Watch It, Ex-Employee Claims

Megan Thee Stallion is the target of a lawsuit from a former employee who was her photographer. Emilio Garcia says he was made to witness the rapper having sex with another woman while the SUV was moving. A hostile work environment, severe fat shaming, and abusive behaviour are also included in the allegations.

Trapped in a moving SUV

The incident allegedly took place in 2022. Megan started having sex with a different woman who was sitting next to him in the SUV after a night out in Ibiza, Spain.

He wanted to give them space, but he was trapped in a moving vehicle. Even if he had been permitted to exit the car, the cameraman further asserted that he would have been lost in an unidentified nation.

Embarrassed, Mortified, and Offended

Emilio Garcia filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court. He states that he was “embarrassed, mortified, and offended throughout the whole ordeal.” The allegations add that Megan Thee Stallion barred him from telling anyone what he saw and also fat-shamed him during the conversation.

Unpaid and hostile work environment

Garcia was already considering quitting the job. He was allegedly underpaid, and the work environment was hostile due to Megan’s possessiveness and abuse.

When the photographer approached the Savage rapper with all his concerns, he was “unfairly” fired after working for her for four years. A job discrimination complaint has been filed with the California Civil Rights Department.

The employee is seeking financial damages. He is claiming that he has suffered emotional and physical abuse because of the mistreatment, firing, and what happened in the SUV.

Claim for money: Megan The Stallion’s lawyers

Megan Thee Stallion has reacted to the allegations and denied it. Her lawyer, Alex Spiro, told the development, “This is an employment claim for money — with no sexual harassment claim filed and with salacious accusations to attempt to embarrass her. We will deal with this in court.”

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