“Mera Career Barbad”, Ameesha Patel Breaks Silence On Relationship With Vikram Bhatt After Years

Ameesha Patel started her career with the hit film ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’. She went on to star in blockbusters such as ‘Gadar’ and ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’. However, the industry was divided more over Ameesha’s personal life than her working life.

Ameesha’s connection with Vikram Bhatt was also widely publicised. Despite the fact that Ameesha and Vikram Bhatt have officially acknowledged their love. Ameesha Patel has recently spoken frankly about her connection with Vikram Bhatt and how her career has suffered greatly as a result of public speculation about their relationship.

Ameesha Patel speaks about relationship with Vikram Bhatt

Amisha Patel stated regarding her relationship, “In this industry, if you are honest, then this honesty isn’t appreciated, and I am extremely truthful, because for me Life is black and white, and what you witness with me is what you get.”

she continued, “I am a person who wears my heart on my sleeve.I don’t believe it, but I believe it has been the most significant setback in my life. In which both of those relationships They impacted my career, and for the next 12-13 years, I didn’t let anyone in. All I want now is peace in my life.”

Ameesha Patel-Vikram Bhatt Relationship

Let us know you Ameesha Patel and Vikram Bhatt dated for 5 years. The two then split up right before the release of Vikram Bhatt’s film “1920.” Vikram once stated about Ameesha that he understands how important her profession as an actor is to her.Ameesha began dating London-based businessman Kanav Puri after her breakup with Vikram Bhatt. However, their relationship did not work either.