Miss USA 2022: Contestants Aren’t Happy With Results; Is Beauty Pageant Rigged?

Miss USA 2022 contestants are not happy with the results. The models state that they felt humiliated claiming that the competition was rigged. They said that Miss Texas R’Bonney Gabriel who was announced as the winner at the end of the night was pre-decided. There have been theories circulating all over social media as contestants seem to express their disappointment.

Miss Montana Heather Lee O’Keefe shared a TikTok video stating that most of the contestants felt that there was some favouritism towards Miss Texas, who won. Heather added that they have receipts to prove it. She went ahead and raised questions at the organizers as she pointed out that if Miss Texas’ crowning was less than 24 hours how was she already receiving the services?

Miss Montana Heather Lee O’Keefe said that it was wrong of the organizers to favour Miss Texas from the start. Heather clarified that she has nothing against Miss Texas and said that she might have won square and fair, but the drama has tainted her win. Gabriel becomes the oldest Miss USA winner in the competition’s history at 28 years, 6 months, and 13 days surpassing Cheslie Kryst. She is also the first Filipino-American woman to hold the championship since Macel Wilson in 1962 and the first Asian-American since Brook Lee in 1997.

Miss Texas R’Bonney Gabriel is the new Miss USA 2022. Image Source: People

Heather Nunez also expressed similar sentiments by sharing that she felt humiliated at the competition. She said that she thought everyone had a fair chance to win the crown but they did not. She had no words to describe the hard work she did to enter the beauty pageant and left feeling disappointed.

However, Heather Nunez added that she is not going to sob about it what had happened. She also mentioned that if no one wants to believe what they say, they shouldn’t. The reason why she is saying this now is to prevent the same in the future. The model said that she wants the contestants who would be coming in the future to know the truth because they were going to work hard as she did.

The audience also seem to notice that something was off as contestants made their way out after Miss Texas R’Bonney Gabriel won. Some viewers pointed out that Miss Texas was not enthusiastic enough about the win. They said that someone who has the responsibility to represent the country at Miss Universe 2022 should have been thrilled about her win.

Miss Montana Heather Lee O’Keefe raised questions about the winner. Image Source: Sarkariresults

Jasmine Jones claimed that something was off about the crowning moment and shared clips from previous competitions and years in which fellow competitors rushed to congratulate the winner. She stated that in her ten years of pageantry career, she had never seen anything like what she had seen at the Miss USA 2022 finale as no one went to congratulate the winner.

Heather Lee O’Keefe also shared a screenshot of the Miss USA’s group chat without revealing the names of who said what. Fellow women expressed that they feel disappointed and dismayed by the system. They added that it seemed like they all had a fair chance, but they didn’t.

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