Money Heist’s Professor Doppelganger Found : Deets Inside

Every fan of any popular film or series is ready to maintain the trill even after it is finished. And nowadays only one thing has been enchanted all over the world i.e. Bella ciao Bella ciaoooooo…… yes you understood right we are talking about money heist which is the talk of the town these days. And now its fans have found their most favorite character’s Doppelganger i.e. Professor and that too in Pakistan. Some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a lookalike of the show’s lead character, the Professor, at a store in Pakistan. Photos show the doppelganger working at a local store. Given his facial features and eyeglasses, he looks quite similar to the Professor, a role played by Spanish actor Alvaro Morte.

The Professor in Pakistan? Money Heist fans have spotted his doppelganger | Trending News,The Indian Express

A user named Malaika shared the photo on Twitter this Sunday. What do we see? The Professor’s lookalike is busy at his store, scribbling on a notebook. The somber look reminds us of the Professor’s expressions when he plans mind-boggling heists and escapes in Money Heist. The user took inspiration from the show’s original title, La Casa De Papel, and wrote, “La casa do pattay dispirin.” The hashtag ‘Money Heist‘ left no doubt about the reference.

Money Heist fans seen Professor Sergio Pakistani lookalike viral pics | Trending News – India TV

Another user added his take on the photo. The Twitter user wrote, “Professor’s Pakistani connection.” If that wasn’t enough to amuse Money Heist fans, the user went a step further and wrote, “Professor working on his next heist.”

Like it has been shown in the series that professors always take help from Pakistan. When a group of Pakistani hackers was introduced in a scene in one of the seasons, fans were elated. One of the roles was played by Indian actor Ajay Jethi.

Money Heist Season 5: Release date, trailer & cast on Netflix | Marca


Money Heist has premiered its fifth season part 1 on Sep 3 which was full of emotions when Tokyo died ( spoiler), thriller, and one step higher from previous seasons. And for the record, the next part will come this December 3.

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