Tina Dutta From Bigg Boss 16 Backs #ExploreIndianIslands Campaign

Recently, there has been significant attention on the Lakshadweep and Maldives controversy. Since Prime Minister Modi shared images of Lakshadweep on social media, many Indians are considering it a preferable vacation destination compared to the Maldives.

However, after certain Maldivian leaders made comments about PM Modi, the controversy intensified. In response, there is widespread support from the general public to celebrities for choosing Lakshadweep over Maldives, with the hashtag #maldivesboycott trending on social media. Actresses from the television industry are actively supporting India in this matter.

Tina Dutta

Numerous TV celebrities have embraced the trend on social media and voiced their support for the hashtag “Explore Indian Islands.” Bigg Boss 16 contestant Tina Dutta’s name has also been associated with this trend.

Tina Dutta from Bigg Boss 16 has expressed her endorsement on social media platforms. Actress Tina Datta has also responded to disrespectful remarks made by certain Maldivian ministers.

Tina Dutta has lauded the beauty of Lakshadweep on her social media profile. She posted a story on her Instagram account stating,

Tina Dutta Latest Instagram Story 

“A Proud Indian & I’m so glad that our PM is promoting our country on the tourism front.Loved Maldives twice when I visited  bt didn’t like the comments coming towards our country. As A Global economy let’s help each to grow & not demean any1.” 

Tina Dutta Latest Instagram Post
Tina Dutta Latest Instagram Post

Tina’s post has received robust support from fans. Regarding her professional endeavours, Tina Dutta was recently featured as Surili in the Sony TV show. Notably, she received acclaim for her portrayal in the series. However, the actress garnered even more prominence through her participation in Colors TV’s reality show, “Bigg Boss 16,” surpassing her recognition from the Colors TV show. Apart from Tina Dutta, several TV stars, along with Bollywood personalities, have shown their support.