Preity Zinta Lights ‘Chulha’ At Shimla Home; Fans React On Her Simplicity!

Preity Zinta posted images of herself trying to light a ‘chulha’ at her Shimla house on her Instagram account. Her simplicity has won over the internet. The actress is currently enjoying vacation with husband in her hometown, Shimla.
Preity Zinta is a real food enthusiast who enjoys cooking as much as loving to eat delectable dishes. Nothing is missed by Preity Zinta, whether it is a plate of chole bhature or traditional Delhi street food. Preity Zinta, the Himachal Pradesh-born actress has remembered her origins and customs this time.

preity zinta lights up chulha


Nostalgia Hits Preity Zinta After She Lights Up ‘Chulha’

Preity Zinta, an actress, released two images on her social media accounts in which she is seen attempting to light up a chulha. The actress looked stunning wearing a salwar suit in the photographs. She can be seen with a shawl over her head and a jumper. The actress posted the images on her Instagram account and wrote a charming, sentimental caption. She said that by attempting to light a chulha that is primarily used in pahadi households, she is reliving old memories and creating new ones. Preity Zinta captioned her images as:

“Re living old memories & making new ones. All the action revolves around the kitchen in pahadi homes. Here I’m trying to light the fire & bring the rarely used old school chulha to life. #memories #farmlife #pahadiculture”

preity zinta in shimla

Fans Praise Preity Zinta’s Lucidity

Fans immediately showered Preity Zinta with praise for her simplicity when she posted the photo to her Instagram account. As fans were reminded of bygone eras, the comment section was inundated with fans recalling old times. One person commented on the picture by saying, “Pahadi sister, even my homes have this type of chulha in Himachal.”

In the comment section, a different internet user commented, “Queen of our hearts.” Another comment read “Simplicity at its best…I adore you so much.” Some other fans asked what she is making on her traditional chulha. Fans related to Preity’s picture by commenting, “Love the chulha aur usme bana hua khana..I have done this too when we go to village.”

Preity Zinta At Her Hometown- Shimla

Preity Zinta posted a photo on her Instagram account a day ago updating her followers about Gene’s first trip to Shimla. She posted two pictures, one of them and the other showing Gene posing alongside their kid Jai. When she posted the pictures, she captioned them, “When your husband comes home with you for the first time & the family gifts him the traditional Himachali Topi #home #family.”

preity zinta lights up chulha


Preity Zinta has previously expressed her pride in her Himachali heritage. She showed us her Pink Lady Apple tree, bananas, strawberries and oranges in her “ghar ki kheti” clips.

Preity Zinta, a well-known Bollywood actress, is married to Gene Goodenough, the love of her life. The couple is currently enjoying parenthood with their adorable twins, Jai and Gia. The four-person family is currently located in Shimla, the actress’ hometown. For those who don’t know, Preity currently resides in the US but she recently traveled back to India for the IPL. But aside from the busy pace and daily turmoil, the family is enjoying quality time together.