Monika Bhadoriya Opens Up About Suicidal Thoughts After Torture on TMKOC Sets

Monika Bhadoriya, widely recognized for her portrayal of Komal Chautala in the popular sitcom TMKOC, recently shared her harrowing experiences of facing personal tragedies and enduring mental abuse during her time on the show’s sets. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Bhadoriya shed light on her challenges and their impact on her mental well-being.

Actress’s Personal Tragedies During Her Time on the Show

During her tenure on TMKOC, Bhadoriya confronted numerous family tragedies. Within a short span, she lost her mother and grandmother, leaving her devastated. Coping with these immense losses proved incredibly difficult, making her feel like her life had stopped. Bhadoriya shared, “I thought life was short since I was unable to cope with their death. This was also a very torturous moment for me because I was working for TMKOC.”

Enduring Mental and Emotional Abuse on the Sets

In addition to the personal tragedies, Bhadoriya revealed that she was subjected to mental and emotional abuse while on the TMKOC sets. She described an environment where she constantly felt belittled and inadequate. This persistent mistreatment took a toll on her mental health, ultimately leading her to battle suicidal thoughts. ” So, all of this suffering and my own thoughts led me to consider suicide,” she bravely disclosed.

Gratitude and Empathy: Bhadoriya’s Message of Support

Despite her immense hardships, Monika Bhadoriya expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering support from her family and friends. She told her desire to share her experience to support others facing similar circumstances. Bhadoriya stated, “I want them to understand they’re not alone and that help is available.”

The tale of Bhadoriya serves as a potent reminder that even the most beloved and successful programs can harbor a negative aspect. It highlights the importance of recognizing that everyone deserves respect and compassion regardless of their standing within the industry. Bhadoriya’s story is a beacon of hope, encouraging individuals to speak up, seek help, and find solace in support of loved ones and professional resources.

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