Mouni Roy Trolled For Posting Pic In White, Called ‘Bhootni’ & ‘White Witch’

Mouni Roy seems to have become the biggest target of the trolls nowadays. No matter what she does or posts, the netizens seem to find something worth trolling in it. While she had been slammed for getting her lips done and looking like an ugly plastic doll before, now people have even called her bhootni and a white witch. All because she posted a picture of herself in a long white dress.

Her popularity and craze among youth can be guessed with the fact that she has more than eight million followers on the photo-sharing site Instagram. She is always praised for her fashion sense and style and she undoubtedly looks gorgeous in whatever she wears.

However, she lately had to face flak and criticism on Instagram when she shared a pic of herself in white dress. People found her dress too revealing or rather a little obscene and her eyes are not looking as beautiful as they usually look to be.

First of all, see the photo:

This is how Instagrammers trolled Mouni for sharing the pic:

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