MS Dhoni’s Video Smoking ‘Hookah’ At A Public Event Goes Viral, Netizens React FuriouslyTo It

According to reports, MS Dhoni was seen smoking in public at a social event after attending a wedding. On the other hand, this video of him is making waves online.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the “Captain Cool” of Indian cricket history, captivates millions of fans with his aura every time. Outside of cricket, he is a businessman, mentor, and film producer in the professional sphere. Furthermore, MS Dhoni is a well-known qualified paratrooper and an honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Territorial Army. Still, Dhoni occasionally experiences the harsh consequences of social media scrutiny and becomes embroiled in related controversy.

MS Dhoni can be seen smoking publicly at a wedding

MS Dhoni was recently seen smoking in public during a social event while attending a wedding. The cricket player looked dapper wearing a blue tuxedo with a crisp white shirt underneath in the widely shared video on social media. There was uproar on the internet when it was purported that he was spotted smoking a hookah under the watchful eye of his close friends and acquaintances.

Netizens reacted to Dhoni’s video wherein he was seen smoking at a public event

The video quickly went viral after it appeared online, and MS Dhoni received a lot of backlash for what he did. Though one person made a comment, “Dhoni is smoking weed. Shame on him”, another said, “MS Dhoni (2009) – ‘Say No to Smoking!!!’ MS Dhoni (today) – Caught smoking on camera. Shameless Thela Dhobi for a reason.” On the other hand, a lot of internet users also said that famous people ought to be allowed the opportunity to live their own lives. Click here to watch.

Netizens captured MS Dhoni following one of Alia Bhatt’s fanpages

On October 24, 2023, an X user posted two screen grabs from MS Dhoni’s official Instagram handle. In the initial picture, we saw the cricket player’s five-follower Instagram profile. When we opened the list of IG handles that Mahi was following, we also saw one of Alia Bhatt’s fanpages. As a result, social media users quickly commented that either Mahi had followed Alia Bhatt’s fanpage by mistake or that it was his daughter Ziva’s actions.

However, Dhoni quickly took the matter seriously, as evidenced by his IG handle’s ‘following’ list. The cricketer appeared to have taken potential actions against the same, either individually or with his team. Moreover, there are currently just four accounts shown in the ‘following’ section of Mahi’s official Instagram handle. Additionally, it is currently not possible to follow Alia Bhatt’s fan page.

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