Nayanthara And Vignesh Shivan Celebrates Christmas With Their Twins Uyir And Ulagam, See Lovely Picture

Film director Vignesh Shivan shared a photo with his wife, actress Nayantara, celebrated their first Christmas as parents. It is also their first Christmas after the wedding. On Sunday, Vignesh posted a photo on Instagram with Nayantara, Uyir and Ulagam. In the picture, he sits on the couch and holds his one son in his arms while Nayantara sat on the floor with her other son.

The couple looked at the baby and smiled. The child’s face is not visible, it is pasted on a red and white sticker in Santa’s hat. In the photo, Nayantara was wearing a gray outfit, while Vignesh opted for a dark gray T-shirt and jeans. Both babies are wearing red clothes.

Vignesh also added a “Merry Christmas” theme to the background music. He wrote: “Uyir, Ulagam, Nayan, Wikki and The family wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. with overflowing love! And I sincerely pray to God for happiness and blessings so that everyone can live the life they have always dreamed of! God bless you.” He also added hello Santa Claus, a garland of emoji and a red heart emoji.

Nayantara and Vignesh got married on June 9, 2022 in Chennai. It was a private wedding attended by only close acquaintances and select guests, including actors Shah Rukh Khan, Surya and Rajnikanth, and composer A. R. Rahman. In October, they welcomed twins into the family through surrogacy.

Vignesh shared a photo of the twins on Instagram after they were born. In his post, she wrote, “Nayan and I became Amma and Appa. We have been blessed with twins. All our prayers and blessings from our ancestors combined with all good deeds came to together in the form of two blessed babies for us. Life seems brighter and more beautiful. God is twice as big.” Nayantara is starring in the action movie Atli Jawan alongside Shah Rukh. The upcoming movie will hit theaters on June 2, 2023.


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