Nayanthara On ‘Annapoorani’ Controversy: ‘I Extend My Sincere & Heartfelt Apologies’

Nayanthara, an Indian actor, has released an official statement on the controversy surrounding her film ‘Annapoorani.’ The movie was recently taken down from Netflix. Nayanthara wrote a long note on social media. She explained that her intention was to spread a message of equality, love, positivity, and inspiration. She also mentioned that ‘Annapoorani’ was first screened in theatres and certified by the CBFC before it premiered on the OTT platform.

Nayanthara wrote: “I am writing this note with a heavy heart and a genuine desire to address the recent turn of events concerning our film, ‘Annapoorani’. Crafting ‘Annapoorni’ was not just a cinematic endeavour but a heartfelt pursuit of inspiring resilience and instilling the spirit of never giving up. It aimed to mirror life’s journey, where we learn that obstacles can be overcome with sheer willpower.”

On the Annapoorani Controversy

Nayanthara pointed out that she firmly believes in the faith she practices and attempted to remind everyone about her frequent visits to temples. As a practising Hindu herself, the actress stated that she would never intend to hurt the sentiments of the Hindu community. 

“In our sincere attempt to share a positive message, we may have inadvertently caused hurt. We did not expect the removal of a censored film, previously showcased in theatres, from the OTT platform. My team and I never intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments and we understand the gravity of this issue. Being someone who wholeheartedly believes in God and frequently visits temples across the country, it is the last thing I would intentionally do. To those whose feelings we’ve touched, I extend my sincere & heartfelt apologies,” she continued.

“The intention behind ‘Annapoorni’ was to uplift and inspire, not to cause distress Over the last two decades, my journey in the film industry has been guided with a singular intention – To spread positivity & foster learning from one another,” she added.

Annapoorani Controversy

In Nilesh Krishnaa’s film Annapoorani, which also stars Sathyaraj and Jai, a young lady defies her family’s displeasure by pursuing her ambition of becoming India’s top chef. To fulfill her aspirations, she battles corporate politics and a patriarchal system. Even after a serious accident, she finds the strength to grow stronger and pursues her goals.

The sequence in which Nayanthara’s character Annapoorani was advised by a friend not to consider working with non-vegetarian cuisine while carrying out her responsibilities as a chef resulted in the movie being taken down from Netflix. He advises her not to be afraid to do what is best for her career because even Lord Ram and Laxman would have eaten animals during their lengthy 14-year exile.

This sequence was deemed inappropriate in part of the movie, and several authorities were contacted to request that the movie be removed from the streaming service. A police report was filed in South Mumbai, claiming that the movie intentionally hurts the feelings of Lord Ram’s devotees and denigrates Him. Subsequently, Zee Studios sent an official letter expressing regret for inadvertently hurting people’s feelings. The letter, which was sent to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, threatened to take Annapoorani from Netflix until the material was cut from the story.

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