Nayanthara Talks About Her Bollywood Debut With Shah Rukh Khan, Reveals Her Favorite Bollywood Films!

In a recent interview, Nayanthara spoke in Hindi and stated that she has seen almost all major Hindi films. She will now appear in Jawan alongside Shah Rukh Khan.

Nayanthara, who has always managed to shine with her films and performances, recently spoke about many things in a recent virtual interview with PTI, including the release of Connect Hindi, her Bollywood debut, and more. The actress’ 2023 looks to be even bigger and better, as she is also set to make her Bollywood debut.

Nayanthara, whose latest film Connect was released in Hindi over the weekend, stunned fans during a promotional interview with her Hindi speaking skills. A video of Nayanthara speaking in Hindi and discussing her favourite Hindi films has gone viral on social media. Her fans believe she deserves to sign more Hindi films because she speaks the language so well.

Nayanthara is making her Bollywood debut in Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan, which also marks Atlee Kumar’s Hindi debut. It will hit theatres in June.

She discussed her favourite Hindi films of all time during a promotional interview. She mentioned it in Hindi. In the video, she states that she’s watched every Hindi film out there.

I would have watched any Hindi film. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham are two of my all-time favourites. There are so many movies I’ve wanted to see at a specific time. When you’re feeling down, you want to watch different movies. Regardless of how I’m feeling, I enjoy watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.”

Nayanthara’s Hindi fluency was flawless. She didn’t seem to be speaking for the first time. So, when asked why she hadn’t considered doing a full-fledged Hindi film before, she replied, ‘there’s a right time for everything’ (in Hindi with a smile).

“However, it appears that I was unable to work on a properly dubbed Hindi film.” Furthermore, the conditions were very distinct earlier. Today, things have changed, and we must adapt to the new circumstances “She continued. The Lady Superstar also hinted at the possibility of more Hindi films in the future.

Fans expressed surprise at Nayanthara’s flawless Hindi speaking abilities in the comments section.

On Personal Front: Nayanthara and her husband Vignesh Shivn made their first public appearance since becoming parents in October at a special Connect premiere in Chennai.

On Professional Front: Nayanthara is currently enjoying the success of her horror film Connect,which was Ashwin Saravanan directed the film Connect. The film is a lockdown horror-thriller starring Nayanthara as a mother who must care for her daughter who has been possessed by a spirit. Vinay Rai and Anupam Kher also play important roles in the film.

The actress is filming Jawan, her Bollywood debut film directed by Atlee and co-starring Shah Rukh Khan.

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