‘Need to Sleep to Get Movies’: Actress Payal Ghosh Sparks Controversy With Deleted Instagram Post

In a recent turn of events, Indian actress Payal Ghosh has once again found herself in the midst of a controversy. The actress, who had previously accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual harassment, took to Instagram to share a now-deleted post claiming that success in the film industry is unattainable without compromising one’s integrity. Her statement has generated significant buzz on social media and among industry circles.

The Controversial Instagram Post

Payal Ghosh’s Instagram post read, “You need to sleep to get big movies. It’s not possible without sleeping.” She went on to express her frustration, stating, “I will be completing my 11th movie. If I would have slept, I would have completed my 30th film.” The implications behind her statement have sparked a heated debate regarding the alleged prevalence of casting couch culture and the compromises aspiring actors might face in their pursuit of success.

Payal Ghosh’s Previous Allegations

This controversial post follows Payal Ghosh’s previous allegations against acclaimed filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. In 2020, she accused Kashyap of sexually harassing her during their professional association. The accusations sent shockwaves throughout the Indian film industry and led to an investigation by the Mumbai Police. While the investigation did not result in charges against Kashyap, the incident raised awareness about the issue of harassment within the entertainment industry.

Public Reaction

Ghosh’s recent statement has elicited a range of responses from the public, fellow actors, and industry insiders. Some individuals have criticized her for perpetuating damaging stereotypes and promoting a culture of exploitation. They argue that talent and hard work should be the sole determinants of success in the film industry, rather than engaging in unethical practices. Others, however, have expressed empathy for Ghosh’s frustrations, highlighting the persistent challenges faced by newcomers and the potential existence of exploitative practices behind closed doors.

Industry Dynamics and the Casting Couch Debate

The casting couch phenomenon, which refers to the alleged exchange of sexual favors for professional opportunities, has been a long-standing issue in the entertainment industry. While there have been efforts to eradicate this practice, many argue that it continues to persist in various forms, affecting aspiring actors, both women and men, in their quest for recognition.

The conversation surrounding the casting couch debate highlights the power dynamics within the film industry, where influential individuals are believed to exert their authority over newcomers. The prevalence of such practices undermines the principles of meritocracy and fosters an environment of inequality and exploitation.

The Importance of Addressing the Issue

Payal Ghosh’s controversial statement serves as a reminder that the industry still has a long way to go in creating a safe and equitable working environment for all its members. It highlights the need for continued conversations about power dynamics, consent, and professional ethics within the film industry. By shedding light on these issues, the hope is that real change can occur, ensuring that talent and hard work are the key drivers of success, rather than compromising one’s integrity or engaging in unethical practices.


Payal Ghosh’s now-deleted Instagram post has ignited a firestorm of debate regarding the alleged prevalence of casting couch culture and the compromises actors might face in the pursuit of success. While her statement has attracted criticism from some quarters, it has also sparked discussions about the power dynamics within the film industry and the need for a more equitable and safe working environment. This incident serves as a reminder that there is still work to be done to address these issues and create a level playing field for all aspiring actors.