Neetu Kapoor Had A Horrible First Meeting With Rishi Kapoor, Said “He Was Difficult, Bully And Brat Man”

Neetu Kapoor once revealed on Annu Kapoor’s radio show, Suhaana Safar, that her first meeting with her husband, Rishi Kapoor, was a nightmare. Together, Neetu and Rishi have appeared in numerous films including Amar Akbar Anthony, Khel Khel Mein, and Kabhi Kabhie. When asked about her first encounter with Rishi, Neetu Kapoor recalled that the actor was a brat who bullied everyone on the sets, adding:

“I had a horrible first meeting with Rishi Kapoor. He had a habit of bullying, so he would comment on my make-up and clothes, and I’d feel so angry. He was actually a brat who would bully everyone and I was very young at that time. I used to be furious with him.  After Bobby became a superhit, Dimple Kapadia got married and Rishi was left with no other heroine because everyone used to look older than him. I was the only young actress around and by default, after “Rickshawala, all his movies started coming to me.”

Neetu Kapoor also revealed in the same conversation that she dated Rishi Kapoor for three years before they married. When questioned about the exact moment when she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Rishi, she replied that she wasn’t sure. However, she went on to say that she had signed numerous movie deals when she first started dating Rishi, adding: “I don’t remember the exact moment. But I had signed a lot of movies. I was starting to gain confidence. My mother was very protective of me and used to send my cousin Lovely on my dinner dates with Rishi. I was very young, and I had never really been on a date before. This went on for three years, after which I signed “Naseeb’, ‘Shaan’ and another four or five big-budget movies.”

When Rishi Kapoor asked Neetu Kapoor to marry him

In response, Neetu stated that there must be a guy for her to marry, as she had no idea the actor was hinting at their marriage. Her words are: “Then Rishiji asked, ‘You are signing so many movies, don’t you want to get married?’ He was thinking about it, I had no idea. He had never said that he wanted to get married. We were just dating. So I said, ‘There has to be a boy to get married to. Rishiji said, ‘So who am I?'”

When Neetu Kapoor called Rishi Kapoor a difficult man

Meanwhile, in another interview with a leading media outlet, Neetu Kapoor discussed her relationship with Rishi Kapoor and revealed that she had initially said ‘No’ to him. With his romantic gestures, the actor managed to sway her, however, and shape her impressionable mind. Neetu described him as being extremely challenging and added that she used to flee whenever he called her name. Neetu described the evolution of events over time as follows:

“I first said no, but he wooed me so much, with flowers, long letters and suitcases of gifts. I was swayed. When we dated, he took me for dinner, and I didn’t know how to drink wine. He is actually a very difficult man; he was lucky he met me when I was so young because he moulded me. I met him when I was 14, we dated when I was about 17, and I was married at 21. I was so naive. People used to call me his punching bag. If he yelled, ‘Neetu!’ I would leave my food and run. His family used to wonder what I was doing. Now I ask him to wait when he yells.”

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