Neha Kakkar REACTS To Being Trolled For Crying On Super Star Singer- Deets Inside

Neha Kakkar receives flak for crying on reality shows frequently. The well-known Bollywood singer was recently criticized and accused of crying feigned tears on the reality series Superstar Singer 2. Neha Kakkar will be appearing once more as a judge on the most watched episode of Indian Idol 13, and the singer was asked about her consistent tears during the show. Neha responded to being ridiculed for crying on the show in a recent interview. I possess such quality, and I don’t regret it, Neha stated.


After contestant Mani Punjab sang Maahie Ve, Neha Kakkar was seen crying and receiving a lot of trolling for it. She is so moved by the boy’s abilities. After witnessing the young boy sing the song so smoothly, Neha Kakkar is seen reacting in a startling way. She sobs and compliments the boy, saying, “I’ve performed this song numerous times on numerous shows, but I can’t sing as you can.” Later, she gives the young child a hug, to everyone’s applause.

Neha continued by saying that she cannot place the responsibility for not understanding feelings on those who lack emotion. They might think I’m phony. But sensitive individuals adore me and can relate to and understand me. Neha stated: “There aren’t many people in today’s world who have empathy for others’ suffering and want to assist them. That characteristic is a part of me, and I don’t regret having it “

Neha Kakkar even responded to viewer accusations that the reality programme is false, saying that she wouldn’t classify it as drama and that a show always has elements intended to keep viewers interested. In defending the emotional component of the show, she claimed that just singing and dancing would be monotonous, therefore the producers decided to include the backstory of the candidates and their sacrifices. And for this reason, people relate to the programme and are inspired by the characters’ triumph over adversity. While Neha Kakkar’s tale of rising from poverty to riches is equally remarkable. The judge of Indian Idol, Neha Kakkar, competed on the same programme and has gone a long way..