New Trouble Brews For Kate Middleton, Prince William After Reports Of Alleged Affair

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Royal drama seems to have no end. After a planned abdomen surgery, Kate has vanished from the public eye. As a response to speculations, the Royal family and The Sun newspaper tried to hide the truth with an edited image. Now, the latest news is that William’s affair is the reason for Kate’s prolonged absence.

Prince William affair rumours

People’s imaginations and worries reached new heights when the news of Prince William’s affair with Rose Hanbury came out. Sarah Rose Hanbury, aged 40, is the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, who got global recognition after US talk show host Stephen Colbert made a segment about her. 


Colbert said, “The kingdom has been all aflutter by the seeming disappearance of Kate Middleton. Well now, internet sleuths are guessing that Kate’s absence may be related to her husband and the future king of England, William, having an affair.”

In the same episode he added, “According to tabloids back then, (when the tabloids first published about the affair) Kate supposedly confronted him about it, he laughed it off, saying there was nothing to it.” Stephen mocked that such a response is usually the right one when your wife accuses you of cheating. He also named Rose and her title, asking viewers to repeat after him.

Rose Hanbury Prince William Kate Middleton

Rose Hanbury responds

Rose Hanbury is a close friend and neighbour of the Prince and Princess of Wales. She is the wife of David Cholmondeley, who is 24 years her senior. Her grandmother Lady Elizabeth Lambart attended Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s wedding in 1947 as a bridesmaid. So, the Hanbury family has had strong ties to the Royals through generations.

Rose’s affair with the Prince is the newest conspiracy theory that is slowly brewing. She denied all allegations that appeared after Kate Middleton’s disappearance, claiming them as baseless. Hanbury branded the news as “completely false,” per several news outlets. 

Unspecified abdomen surgery

Kate had undergone an unspecified but non-cancerous stomach condition on January 16. Since then, not many people have seen her. Kensington Palace only gave vague updates saying that she was recuperating and getting better by the day. Last week, Kate supposedly posted a family photo with her and the 3 kids, which the internet found to be heavily edited.

Kate Middleton

Some international celebrities also termed the whole ordeal as “Kate Gate,” sparking the anger of social media users and fans of The Palace. Other than some blurry pictures, she is almost gone. However, on March 16, a video published on the net by the British media showed the UK Royal prancing at a farmer’s market. 

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William strolled in Windsor market carrying shopping bags. Still, the web was not convinced that the lady in black attire was the Princess of Wales. 

Airports mock Kate Middleton and Prince William

As fans cheered that Kate looked “happy and healthy,” a section of the internet trolled The Palace. Dublin Airport posted a witty social media joke with an edited image of the couple. The caption read, “Great to see passengers looking so happy and relaxed this morning.”

Kate Middleton airport mock

Prague airport also shared the same manipulated cut-out of their Windsor market visit with the caption, “They’ve just arrived from @DublinAirport Where to next?” Seems like no one is taking the Royals seriously anymore. Kate Middleton and Prince William have to address the world soon.