No More ‘Bhidu’: Jackie Shroff Files Petition In Court, Seeks Personality Rights Protection

Jackie Shroff has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court demanding protection of his rights. Which is related to his identity and publicity. Jackie uses the word ‘Bhidu’ which has become associated with him in Bollywood.

This usage has led the actor to file a case against organisations using his name, photo, voice, or the term ‘Bhidu’ without his consent.

Jackie Shroff Has Filed A Petition In The Delhi High Court

Using Jackie Shroff’s name, images, or anything related to his personality without permission could land you in legal trouble. The actor has approached the High Court regarding this matter. Actor Jackie Shroff has demanded protection of his rights related to his identity and publicity.

For this, he has approached the court. Jackie Shroff has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court. Actor seeking to prevent unauthorised use of his name, photos, voice, and even the term ‘Bhidu’. He has filed this petition against various organisations that engage in such unauthorised use.

Jackie Shroff has requested the court to direct that his voice, image, or anything related to him should not be used on any platform, including social media and AI apps, without his permission. The case is scheduled for a full hearing on May 15th.

Jackie Shroff
Jackie Shroff

Amitabh Bachchan has also previously filed a similar petition regarding his rights. In 2022, he filed a petition in the Delhi High Court demanding that his image, name, voice, and personality not be used without his permission. The Delhi High Court had issued an interim order to protect his personality rights.

While it’s not uncommon for actors to seek court intervention to prevent misuse of their identity on social media, it raises an interesting question about comedians like Krushna Abhishek, whose work often involves mimicking Jackie Shroff’s acting style.

Krushna has been seen imitating Jackie in various contexts, from Bigg Boss to stage shows and Kapil Sharma’s comedy show. Comedians like Krushna are known for such impersonations and are generally well-received by audiences.