‘No One Expected’: Karan Johar Reacts To Kangana Ranaut Getting ‘Slapped’ At Chandigarh Airport

Kangana Ranaut was recently slapped at the airport. This incident has been making headlines for several days. Now, Karan Johar has reacted to this matter. His reaction has surprised many people.

Mandi MP and actress-turned-politician Kangana Ranaut has been in the news lately. On one hand, there is her massive political victory, and on the other, the slap incident is being discussed.

Karan Johar Reacts For The First Time To Kangana Ranaut Getting Slapped

Recently, at the Chandigarh airport, a CISF female officer slapped her. This incident became sensational, and everyone started talking about it. Kangana herself reacted to it and shared the entire incident. Celebrities from politics and Bollywood are reacting to this incident.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar

Many people supported the CISF officer, while others supported the actress and condemned the violence. Several unexpected people have come out in support of Kangana Ranaut. After Shabana Azmi and Adhyayan Suman, Karan Johar has also joined this list. Karan Johar has condemned the incident.

For the past seven years, there has been a verbal battle between Kangana Ranaut and the famous filmmaker Karan Johar. It started when Kangana called Karan the “flagbearer of nepotism” on his chat show, Koffee with Karan.

Since then, Kangana has said many things against Karan Johar on various occasions, and Karan has not held back in responding. However, something different happened this time.

Recently, when Kangana Ranaut arrived at the Chandigarh airport to travel to Delhi for PM Modi’s swearing-in ceremony, a female CISF officer slapped her. Now, Karan Johar has reacted to this.

At a recent press conference, when asked about Kangana’s slap controversy, he clearly stated, “I do not support or condone any form of physical or verbal violence.”

Karan Johar’s statement has gone viral, and it is being viewed repeatedly. People’s reactions to this video are quite varied. Despite the many controversies, people are praising Karan for his statement.

One person wrote, “What has happened to Karan? Have Kangana and Karan become friends?” Another wrote, “Why is he concerned about Kangana?” Another comment said, “He’s just doing it for show.”

One person went as far as to say, “He must be thinking something else in his mind, but he’s pretending to be good in front of people.” Various reactions are emerging from people.

It is noteworthy that the CISF officer who slapped Kangana Ranaut is named Kulwinder Kaur. Kulwinder Kaur admitted to misbehaving with Kangana. This incident happened because of Kangana Ranaut’s statement on the farmers’ protest.

The CISF officer said she was angry with Kangana’s statement because her mother was a part of the farmers’ protest. Kangana also mentioned in her reaction video that the woman slapped her because of her statement on the farmers’ protest.

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